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Statistic Verification
Source: DBS Alliance, Bipolar ism, Bipolar Lifestyles
Date Verified: 7.23.2012
Bipolar disorder is a condition in which people experience intermittent abnormally elevated (manic or hypomanic) and, in many cases, abnormally depressed states for periods of time in a way that interferes with functioning. Not everyone’s symptoms are the same, and there is no simple physiological test to confirm the disorder. Bipolar disorder can appear to be unipolar depression. Diagnosing bipolar disorder is often difficult, even for mental health professionals.
Bipolar Disorder Statistics
Total Number of Adults with Bi-Polar 5.7 million
Total percent of people that suffer from Bi-Polar disorder 5%
Average Age of Bipolar Onset 25 years old
Percent child will get Bi-Polar when 1 parent has it 23%
Percent child will get Bi-Polar when both parents are diagnosed 66%
Average Reduced Life span from Bi-Polar 9.2
Percent of diagnosed Bi-Polar who commit suicide 20%
Percent of people who receive correct diagnosis within 3 years 25%
Percent of people with Bi-Polar who are Obese 35%
Percentage of curing Bi-Polar with Lithium 77%
Percent of people with Bi-Polar who will receive 1 misdiagnosis 70%

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