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Heightened Senses

Heightened senses go both ways with me when I’m hypomanic. If I’m at the stage of being irritable then colours are too bright, smells are too strong, sounds are too loud, the light is too harsh, my clothes suffocate me and it all just builds and builds and builds into one massive distressing sensory overload.

But the lovely side of it…when I’m happy hypomanic…all of these senses remind me why I’m alive! I can’t open my eyes wide enough to take it all in, the world is incredible, those colours intoxicate me, I can’t breathe the smell of that perfume deep enough, I want to know what everything feels like to touch, I want to close my eyes and listen to music (but I know exactly what volume… couple of notches either way and I’ll get pissed off.) I feel enveloped in sensation. Like natural ecstacy. 

And as with ecstacy…the comedown is a killer.


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