Best Differential Diagnosis Book

Books For Bipolar and Loved Ones

Please look at the products. I read most of them. May be you like it. 


Comments on: "Books For Bipolar and Loved Ones" (4)

  1. I’m gonna look into this, because I just made a blog about how my local library had only five books on bipolar! How crazy is that? thanks for the list!

  2. songtothesirens said:

    There are a couple of really good ones that I did not see on your list:
    1) “An Unquiet Mind” by Kay Redfield Jamison (a very prominent researcher of mood disorders) ~ This is her memoir about her experiences with having and living with Bipolar I
    2) “Living with Bipolar Disorder: A Guide for Individuals and Families”
    3) “Surviving Manic-Depression ~ A Manual On Bipolar Disorder For Patients, Families and Providers” by Torrey and Knable (this one’s kind of scientific)
    4) Also interesting: “Touched with Fire” by Kay Redfield Jamison which explores the connection between creativity and Bipolar among other mood disorders

    If you haven’t read these, I recommend them as they really helped me understand my diagnosis and what I can expect in terms of progression. I was diagnosed at 32, and had been living with it since my late teens or early 20’s. I have been told that it is a progressive disease so the sooner one seeks treatment, the better the prognosis. I had Bipolar disorder for nearly 15 years untreated, and I can now look back and see what that has done to my life.

    Hope these books help someone who is suffering with the ups and downs achieve a balance in their life, or at least an understanding of the illness. Education is the best defense.

    • Thank you for your advice. I will add that books to my list. And yes I agree that education is the best defence. Thanks again for your precious comment.

      • songtothesirens said:

        You are welcome. I firmly believe that the best place to start fighting this illness is to become as educated as possible. You can’t fight that which you do not see clearly.

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